hello, i am johannes.

i like keeping things kind and humane.
i enjoy zooming out, bringing structure into chaos. i appreciate looking at complexity with curiosity. i am committed to care. 

︎︎︎ member of sandbox.
︎︎︎ member of shiftbalance.
︎︎︎ core contributor at key2advance
︎︎︎ certified trainer at siy global.
︎︎︎ certified ontological coach.
︎︎︎ certified systemic designer.
︎︎︎ certified ryt-300 yoga teacher.
︎︎︎ senior fellow of humanity in action.
︎︎︎ graduate of king’s college london.
︎︎︎ graduate of johns hopkins university.


learned about organizational development from two different lenses: one that correlates spirtuality with business growth, another that calls growth into question while designing systemic transformation.

project highlight︎︎︎

supported the alfred landecker foundation in realizing their vision of building community.

finished 300 hours of yoga teacher training and tamed my ego in the claire nuer-inspired personal mastery business executives training learning as leadership.

project highlight ︎︎︎

kicked off a global strategy meeting for over 60 fortune 500 company leaders from +40 countries in athens.

completed the scaling intimacy training on experience design and departed from my role as international director of strategy & organizational development at humanity in action

project highlight  ︎︎︎

went covid-style, facilitating search inside yourself online, incl. 4 programs for 1 client whose 80 managers zoomed in from 20 countries.

certified as an ontological coach and kicked off my corporate training journey at philips

project highlight  ︎︎︎

created, fundraised, and co-directed a multimillion euro fellowship program for leaders from across europe and north america.


completed a year-long certififcation process to become one of 200 globally active search inside yourself facilitators.


published my first and probably last encylopedia entry and was invited to share insights on LBGTQ migration live on bbc news. 


graduated from a master’s degree in law at humboldt university.


joined the strategy consulting firm roland berger as an analyst after obtaining my postgraduate diploma in international public policy from johns hopkins university.



conducted research and internships at the undp in panama, the european union in vienna as well as law firms in london and istanbul while graduating in law at king’s college london


enabled by scholarships, i spent a month fellowshipping in moscow before moving to mexico to work full-time on a large press freedom campaign in mexico city.


technically became a waiter and a chef after four years of unconventional high schooling at a higher vocational school for tourism and business in vienna.


spent one year as an american field service student in panama before backpacking across central america when i was 16.