how can community translate into individual and collective empowerment?



community weaving is cultivating a sense of belonging, purpose, and support among groups. we focus on building inclusive spaces where groups become spaces of community. people connect and collaborate to create. the principle ‘nothing about them without them’ guides us along the ways.


through careful planning, design, and implementation, community ventures realize your vision and objectives alongside those of your community members. we start meeting people where they are at, not where we want them to be. we acknowledge differences while focusing on cohesion.


i rely on several years of experience in weaving community among leaders in the non-profit and foundation worlds. i have curated fellowship cohorts, planned and implemented multiday retreats, designed and facilitated many moments of togetherness.


︎︎︎ needs assessements
︎︎︎ impact
︎︎︎ engagement strategies
︎︎︎ gatherings & activities
︎︎︎ focused dinners
︎︎︎ community-led newsletters

“Johannes is our go-to community-builder. He was the architect and facilitator of our first international community summit, guiding our team and overseeing an event agency to produce a remarkably productive and touching experience for +80 people.”

Luisa Maria Schweizer
[Program Director, Alfred Landecker Foundation]

wired for connection, when we come together our collective potential expands our individual limitations.