what emerges when we cultivate authentic relationships with ourselves and others?



relational intelligence is recognizing, understanding, and navigating social dynamics wisely. we respond well to cues in others, communicate with empathy but without beating around the bush, and manage conflict with integrity and awareness of our judgy minds. to better deal with needs and feelings in others, we first need to spot them in ourselves.


i design and facilitate training, experiences, and retreats that aim at instiling connection, encouraging participants to show up and co-create in an environment of psychological safety.  we focus on experience, rely on emotional intelligence, turn to social psychology, dip in neuroscience, and stay away from toxic positivity. 


i rely on +215 hours of experience in delivering search inside yourself and +200 hours of training and rely on years of experience in facilitating explosive conversations among people belonging to radically diverse identity groups. the participants of my relational intelligence programming are as heterogenous as my clients. 


︎︎︎search inside yourself
i am one of worldwide 500 certified facilitators of the google-born mindfulness-based and neuroscience-backed search inside yourself emotional intelligence leadership program. offered in various formats (keynote, half-day, full-day, two-days, and more), it interactively teaches practices and knowledge on self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, compassion, and leadership. find the program’s recent impact report here.

︎︎︎ activating genZ

training on working with the latest generation at the workplace, aiming at developing healthy dynamics beyond age divides. [usually 3 hrs]

︎︎︎ effective teaming
training eliminating some of the guesswork in building exceptional teams, focusing on belonging, trust, and psychological safety. [usually 3,5 hrs]

︎︎︎ leading with self-awareness
training on authenticity in leadership, defusing some forces of our ego, practising to show up with awareness. [usually 2-3 hrs]

︎︎︎ embracing empathy
training to deepen capacities to empathize with colleagues, listening at the level of emotions and responding wisely to others’ needs. [usually 3 hrs]

︎︎︎ adaptive resilience

training to work more skilfully with hard emotions, uncertainty, and change. [three sessions à 3,5 hrs]

︎︎︎ having tricky conversations
training to refine leaders’ abilities to effectively discuss what really matters, which draws on the insights of 30 years of research from the harvard negotiation project. [usually 2,5 hrs]

︎︎︎ navigating diversity
training tapping into how to realize the basics in diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace. [usually 3 hrs]

︎︎︎experience design
i plan and facilitate conferences, retreats, and events designed for participants to experience meaningful connection and wiser than average forms of networking. people are more likely to remember how they felt vs. what they heard. i offer inclusive event scripting, and set stages in ways that people can relate to each other. [various formats]

“We hired Johannes to lead our European leadership team through Search Inside Yourself. He brings the kind of down-to-earthness, humor, and intelligence to the tables that allows people to fully lean in and show up.”

Adrianna Serocka
[People & Culture Director, The Coca-Cola Company]

it’s human-centered skills that make things work.