how do we find the good paths not taken?



strategy consulting is positioning data, trends, stakeholder needs, and internal dynamics in ways that enables transformation. we simplify complexity, focus on processes and outcomes, evaluate what’s there, understand what’s missing, catch inefficiencies, and align our vision to capture the full landscape. we look for approaches that marry top-down with bottom-up, without relegating the center to the footnotes.


comprehensively, typically over several weeks, months, or years, adapted to the tempo and scale of the project, we start with an intake and alignment session involving key stakeholders who set the direction and co-create objectives. we analyze, envision, suggest, test, strategize, streamline, restructure, and measure.
if the project is large, i work with a trusted group of talented consultants. if the project is small, i go solo.


non-profits, start-ups, foundations, and companies that are facing challenges and look to reevaluate their objectives with outside support.


︎︎︎ strategic planning
︎︎︎ project management
︎︎︎ stakeholder relations
︎︎︎ theory of change development
︎︎︎ organizational development
︎︎︎ writing and copy-editing
︎︎︎ research and analyis
︎︎︎ due diligence

"Johannes was exceptionally skilled at quickly analyzing our processes, creatively designing solutions, and communicating results. He is clear in his thoughts and at the same time embodies humbleness and kindness, which helped designing structures and systems for the organization’s roads ahead.”

Antje Scheidler
[International Director of European Programs, Humanity in Action]

it’s when we zoom out wisely today, we access our routes towards tomorrow.