i work with leaders in calibrating their organizational realities and guide them in (de)constructing beliefs, assumptions, and perspectives about themselves and those around them. 


︎︎︎ leadership coaching
︎︎︎ executive coaching
︎︎︎ peer coaching training
︎︎︎ team & group coaching

i facilitate experiences, training, and events that encourage people to better understand themselves and their environments from a place of courage, honesty, and authenticity.


︎︎︎ search inside yourself program

︎︎︎ relational intelligence training

︎︎︎ relational event design

︎︎︎ event facilitation


i craft and execute strategies with and for civil society actors to capitalize on projects and opportunities that magnify their impact and translate their vision into reality. 


︎︎︎ strategy consulting
︎︎︎ research services
︎︎︎ relationship management
︎︎︎ project design and execution

i help with building communities that thrive on inclusion, belonging, and shared purposes among diverse individuals and groups, placing human relationships at the center of what we do.


︎︎︎ community blueprints
︎︎︎ engagement strategies
︎︎︎ event management
︎︎︎ knowledge sharing tools